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We’ve been in this business a long time.  Longer than we care to admit in fact.  With this wealth of experience, Intellimetrix is well positioned to help those still coping with legacy computing systems, particularly in the areas of research and industrial control.

Digital PDP-11

LSI-11For many years the PDP-11, and its microprocessor cousin the LSI-11, from Digital Equipment Corp. were very popular in industrial and scientific applications.  We worked extensively with the PDP-11 in those days on both hardware and software.  We wrote drivers and applications under both the RT-11 and RSX-11 operating systems.  We also did some work with the VAX series under VMS

CAMAC – Computer Automated Measurement and Control

CAMACCAMAC was one of the very first industrial computer standards, emerging in the late 1960s and seeing widespread use well into the 1980s, primarily in research labs, but also in industrial control and data acquisition.  We designed several CAMAC modules and computer/CAMAC interfaces for Standard Engineering Corp., later DSP Technology.  We were also deeply involved in the specification of the CAMAC Serial Highway.

Upgrading Legacy Systems

UnixMaybe it’s time to bring that old PDP-11/CAMAC combo into the modern world.  With our extensive knowledge of these systems, we can help you make the transition, if not painless, at least “less painful”.  Move from RSX-11 to Linux or another contemporary real-time operating system.  Transition your hardware to a distributed, networked system that minimizes cabling and maximizes reliability.

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Legacy Computing

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