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This is our collection of software, presentations, articles and other goodies that you might find useful. You are free to copy and distribute these items provided the original copyright notice remains intact.  Also remember that this is Public Domain software and as such is provided on a strictly "as is" basis.  If you have questions we'll try to answer them and we'd be most interested in any comments you have; however, we can't make any commitment to formal support.   Have fun!

NFS Mounting Problem

I've finally solved the NFS mounting problem that's been plaguing me for about a year and a half. The solution turns out be not in NFS itself, but in the firewall. Read about it here:

Embedded Linux Learning Kit -- New bootloader

The Mini2440 that is currently shipping has a new boot loader in NOR flash called Superboot.  Perhaps not surprisingly, it behaves rather differently than the Supervivi boot loader described in the manual.  Consequently, the process of reloading the NAND flash has changed.  This document explains how to reprogram the NAND flash using Superboot.

The document references a directory that is supposed to be in the factory_images/ directory following the kit software installation. Well, it isn't. Here it is:

Untar this anywhere you like because you're going to copy it to an SD card.

Linux for Embedded and Real-time Applications, 3rd Ed.

Here is the sample code for the book:

Embedded Systems Conference Presentations

Here are some papers I've presented at the Embedded Systems Conference in San Jose in recent years.

Device Trees -- A Database Approach to Describing Hardware
Device Drivers Demystified -- They Really Aren't All That Mysterious
Introduction to POSIX Threads -- Asynchronous Programming in the Unix/Linux Environment
Embedded Linux Learning Kit Software Installation Problem

A problem has shown up in the script when run under Ubuntu.  The symptom is that the script can't create or populate the .working/ directory. uses the LOGNAME environment variable to change the ownership of target_fs/home and everything in it.  LOGNAME is initially set to the user name you log in as.  Under Fedora and Red Hat distros, when you su or sudo to become root, LOGNAME retains its initial value.  However under Ubuntu, when you become root the value of LOGNAME changes to "root", which kind of defeats the purpose.

The workaround is to manually change the ownership of home/ and everything under it to your user name, create home/.working/ and copy the files from the CD.  Do this as root of course.

GoGo and Dash Courses Embedded Linux class

This is the code and data required for the Eclipse exercise in Module 5

Embedded Linux Development Using Eclipse

Here is the sample code for the exercises in the book.

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