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Linux for Embedded and Real-time Applications - 4th Edition

Embedded Linux, 4th edThis updated fourth edition of the classic bestseller is almost completely rewritten to highlight the latest advances in the world of embedded Linux, including the 4.x series kernels, cross-development tools, and the Eclipse integrated development environment.

The practical, hands-on guide covers the many issues of special concern to Linux users in the embedded space, taking into account their specific needs and constraints.

You’ll find new and updated information on:
  • What is Open Source and why you should care
  • The GNU cross toolchain
  • Application development for the ARM processor
  • The Eclipse integrated development environment
  • Configuring and building the kernel
  • High-level simulation
  • Debugging on the target
  • Embedded Networking
  • Linux and real-time
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This Googlegroup is a support forum for readers of Linux for Embedded and Real-time Applications. Readers are invited to post questions, comments and observations. Updates and corrections will be posted here as well.

You can also check the downloads page for any updates.

PCI Bus Demystified, 2nd Ed

PCI Bus DemystifiedThis practical guide to the PCI bus has been updated and expanded to include coverage of PCI-X 2.0. The book covers PCI Local Bus Specification version 2.2 and other recent developments, including the new PCI Hot-Plug Specification, changes to the PCI-to-PCI Bridge Architecture Specification, revisions to the PCI Bus Power Management Interface Specification, and the new features of the PCI BIOS Specification. It provides clear and concise explanations of the relationship of
PCI to the rest of the system and PCI fundamentals, including commands, read and write transfers, memory and I/O addressing, error handling, interrupts, and configuration transactions and registers.

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Embedded Linux Development using Eclipse

Embedded Linux Development using EclipseOver the past few years the open source Eclipse platform has become the de facto standard for Integrated Development Environments in the embedded software industry.  Embedded Linux vendors such as Monta Vista, Wind River and LynuxWorks have all adopted Eclipse as the basis for there respective tool chains.

In this practical, hands-on guide, Doug Abbott walks you through the steps required to successfully use the Eclipse platform for embedded software development with a specific emphasis on Linux.

Topics include:
  • Basic Eclipse operation
  • The C/C++ Development Toolkit
  • Debugging
  • Connecting to a remote target
  • Plug-ins
  • Source code control (CVS)
  • UML

By reading this book from start to finish, the embedded developer will gain a rare insight into everything Eclipse from its history, through a guided installation of Eclipse and CDT, and then into examples of new features, new projects, plug-ins and commercial offerings.  This will give the embedded developer a confidence and understanding to become very productive very quickly when using this new environment.

From the foreward by Robert Day,
Chairman, Embedded Workgroup,
Eclipse Foundation

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This Yahoo group is a support forum for readers of Embedded Linux Development using Eclipse. Readers are invited to post questions, comments and observations. Updates and corrections will be posted here as well..

You can also check the downloads page here for any updates.

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