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ProgrammerIntellimetrix provides professional training and consulting services in the area of Linux and Open Source software, other embedded operating systems, and software and firmware design and development for embedded computing in general. Our extensive background in both hardware and software for embedded applications allows us to quickly focus on the customer’s specific needs and deliver a cost-effective solution. Make Intellimetrix your value-added partner for high quality embedded computing training and solutions.

New at Intellimetrix

Our Hands-on Embedded Linux and Linux Device Driver courses at GogoTraining.com have been substantially revised.

Hands on Embedded Linux


Linux Device Drivers

It's Finally Here! The Embedded Linux Learning Kit version 3.

The wait is over. The third generation of the Embedded Linux Learning Kit, based on the Raspberry Pi 3B, is here. See the E.L.L.K. page for details.

Linux for Embedded and real-time Applications, 4th Edition

Linux for Embedded and real-time apps, 4eThe fourth edition of Doug Abbott's highly acclaimed book, Linux for Embedded and Real-time Applications, is now available. This revision has been largely rewritten to reflect the latest developments in the world of embedded Linux. See the books page for more details.

New Class: Linux Fundamentals

Are you wondering what this Linux phenomonen is all about? Join us for a 2-day quick introduction to Linux and the world of Open Source. Most of the class is spent on the Linux shell and shell scripting. We also look at some graphical tools, configuration and a little on system administration. Just enough to get you intrigued for more! Details here.

New Class: Linux Kernel Internals

Go under the hood and explore the design and implementation of the Linux kernel. This 3-day seminar acquaints you with the basic organization, data structures and APIs of the kernel. You'll develop and appreciation for the object-oriented nature of many of the kernel's subsystems. Details here.

Embedded Linux class available online through UC San Diego Extension

Our popular Hands on Embedded Linux class has been adapted to an online format by UC San Diego Extension.  This 3-unit class is part of UCSD's certificate program in Embedded Computer Engineering.  Course details here.  Next section is starting April 6, 2021.

5-day In-house Embedded Linux class

Need to bring your engineering team up to speed fast?  Embedded Linux -- 5-day Intensive is a fast-paced, hands-on class that covers all the topics crucial to putting Linux in embedded devices.  Basically, this class takes our two 3-day classes on embedded Linux and Linux device drivers and squeezes them into one 5-day extravaganza!

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